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  • Samantha Moore

Does My Company Need Anonymous Feedback?

Skyline graphic with the text "Does Anonymous Feedback Align with a Culture of Open Communication?" and the VoiceSifter logo.

Most companies are aware that we live in the era of mobile communication and some are considering how to include this within their workplace. At VoiceSifter, we continually see that text message is the most trafficked channel of communication. Yet one of the most common objectives we hear from companies about the anonymous feature of our platform is, "We strive for a culture of open communication and anonymous feedback would undermine that." At least, that's what they say at first. Until they get to know VoiceSifter better...

In response, I often raise these questions --

If an employee is in a compromised situation, should they be tasked with reporting on that company's preferred channel of communication? Or should the company provide various channels of communication to make sure they capture feedback from all employees?

Graphic describing why anonymous text lines are best for employee feedback.

The larger question here is if a culture built upon the intentions of open communication still exist when you offer employees a channel of anonymous feedback?

We believe that, yes, it can. And we believe that providing employees with an anonymous channel is a gesture of trust and care from any brand. Let employees know that you care about what they have to say and want to provide a safe channel to report on if they feel compromised.

The fact is that, over 85% of the time, we at VoiceSifter see employees identifying themselves once their conversation has unfolded on our platform. And this also helps ease businesses' initial concerns over anonymity. The nature of our platform allows for real-time response and once an employee engages in conversation, they see that the company does care enough to respond. We then see a level of trust start to build and as this conversation often moves from mobile phones to a face-to-face dialogue of trust.

By making it easy and accessible for the employee to leave feedback, your brand can continue to foster an environment of open communication. Send this message to staff: We care what you think.

When you use VoiceSifter's text message platform, you do exactly that.


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