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What's Included?

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Always open door 24/7/365

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Text messaging is SOX compliant

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Security of data is job #1

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Customizable response to inquiries

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Response capability decreases management's frustration

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Get it ALL out with unlimited participation

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Conversation tracking and categorization

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Choose your own area code

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Employee anonymity increases participation

A Great Ethics Line Should

Using a Phone to Take Photo

Be Easy to Use

It is hard enough to get employees to find the courage to voice their perspective, your ethics line shouldn’t be creating another barrier.

Question Mark

Allow for Anonymity

Anonymity creates a safe space to elevate concerns or ask the proverbial stupid question. Either way, it adds value to the company and the culture.

Fire Extinguisher

Be Response Capable

The number one complaint by managers and employees is that their system is not capable of affording follow up questions nor giving the employee a status update.

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