Typically $50 per month One-time charge Includes 12 months of service (1)


What is included in our feedback tool? 

What is Included in your Customized Text-line?

Personalized text-line, support, & unlimited messaging.

Why do we charge a one-time payment?

When a company invests in a text-line, there is more a stake then using a survey form. This line becomes a resource for employees and is not something you want to change frequently. For that reason, we charge a one-time payment for your line, software, and support. 

How is Price Determined?

When it comes to pricing, the size of your organization determines the cost. This way we can accommodate organizations of all sizes.

A Great Ethics Line Should

Be Easy To Use

It is hard enough to get employees to find the courage to voice their perspective, your ethics line shouldn’t be creating another barrier.

Allow for Anonymity

Anonymity creates a safe space to elevate concerns or ask the proverbial stupid question. Either way, it adds value to the company and the culture.

Be Response Capable

The number one complaint by managers and employees is that their system is not capable of affording follow up questions nor giving the employee a status update.

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