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  • Samantha Moore

What You Miss Before The Exit (Survey)

Photo of car turning off at an exit.

What do you gain from employee feedback? Well, you gain a lot actually; one being a list of "to do's" to send out, analyze, and report on. But the most value is in the access to how your employees are functioning within the company. According to a Gallup survey, organizations with a high level of employee engagement outperform others by 147% in earnings per share. As most business owners are invested in the profitability of their company, most are now realizing the value of prioritizing company culture and employee engagement.

Do you have a resource for your employees to leave feedback at any time? Providing them with a feedback line that can be accessed 24/7 is a way to manage this obstacle. A tool that is easy to use increases the likelihood of engagement. VoiceSifter created the ultimate communication tool that allows employees to text in feedback anonymously whenever they have a question, concern, or comments. Text is today's most trafficked communication channel and allows for HR to interact with employees to resolve issues fast.

A phone displaying VoiceSifter's anonymous text line.

A culture of communication needs a foundation and multiple avenues for feedback to account for various scenarios and personality types. Keeping a pulse on company culture helps retain employees and manage conflicts before they get out of hand.


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