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  • Samantha Moore

What Types of Feedback Can Your Company Receive with VoiceSifter?

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When it comes to anonymous feedback you may ask yourself, what types of feedback should I encourage with anonymous feedback?

Perhaps you still want to encourage staff to communicate in person and have teams strong in their problem solving skills. We think that's valid, we see our feedback-tool as a way to ensure companies always operate with safe feedback line that goes to the person in charge of operating.

Anonymous Feedback is Productive For:

  • Compromised situations

  • Questions employees will avoid for fear of asking "dumb" questions or even subjects that are stigmatized and become harder to surface.

We can never fully assume that everyone feels comfortable surfacing issues in a situation that has been compromised. It happens frequently. Anonymous feedback has traditionally been used as resource to buffer from this. However the lack of functionality with anonymous feedback kept staff from understanding more and being able to help problem solve. Depending on other aspects of your company and how frequently you and your staff practice feedback activities, this tool can be foundational for your feedback strategy.

Examples of Feedback That Comes Through:

Positive Feedback

"I wanted to thank you for all you do for your crew! I feel we all work on the front line as essential workers keeping the food going out keeping the restaurant open with restrictions has been a win win situation!"

Workplace Culture / Management

"I am afraid I am going to lose my job, and I don’t feel like it's because I am doing something wrong. I feel like it’s because of someone else's personal feelings."

Feedback on Meetings

"I vote more weekly working on session as they are helpful for me. I liked the breaking into small groups as well. I think our team could benefit from having someone specifically dedicated to video creation / editing would would be good for our team.

Feedback Around New Initiatives

"Loved the write up today from the office and where we are directing the morale of the team. In a world where public social attacking and defamation seems justified, this is all but forgotten. So many people don’t care about self-reflection but I appreciate the space to create time for this."

In Summary, this feedback tool can be used in a dynamic way, positioned around what type of feedback you and your company are interested in receiving. How much time you want to dedicate to your feedback strategy and more. We help by making it easy to communicate and hear from your employees.


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