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Should You Use an Anonymous Suggestion Box at Work?

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It is no secret that every staff member wants to be involved in the decision-making process. How can business owners and managers deal with a bulk of suggestions from team members in the most professional way possible?

Is an Anonymous Suggestion Box at Work Even a Good Idea?

Companies that want to encourage employee progress should look for ways to increase engagement. Creating an anonymous suggestion box at work can positively impact workers' morale. The tool reinforces open company culture.

An HR manager seeking employees’ opinions should use the right procedure to develop an employee suggestion box. A program that lacks sophistication and tact can easily damage your brand’s reputation. In fact, it will receive a lot of hostility from the employees.

The whole idea of a suggestion program is to make employees feel valued by taking their ideas to heart. Company owners and CEOs need to realize that their teams are the best assets and they must be treated right to drive results.

The Pros and Cons of an Anonymous Suggestion Box at Work

The benefits extend beyond boosting employee performance. When the anonymous employee tool is integrated into a workplace, it also stands in good stead for the management. The advantages of such a box are as follows.

  • Collecting fresh perspectives on areas the management hasn’t considered

  • Receiving opinions from employees with low self-esteem

  • Allowing workers to share their ideas concerning workplace policies, products, and services

  • Promoting outside-the-box thinking

Still, implementing a suggestion box at work comes with a new set of issues. There’s no guarantee about the success of anonymous feedback. Here are several possible drawbacks:

  • Coworkers can use the tool against one another.

  • Some people can submit rude comments and hate speech.

  • The senior management might feel overwhelmed with pointless suggestions.

  • It can lead to conflicts if the managers recognize the handwriting of the complaining employees.

With the right technology, it is easy to ensure a more professional process with a higher probability of success. What is the way forward?

Ditch the Manual Suggestion Box

Every business wants to empower employees. Only a few companies fulfill this dream in a meaningful manner. The truth is, most attempts to improve employee engagement end up being a sham. It is unfortunate that feedback from an employee can go unread or immediately be ignored.

Using a physical anonymous suggestion box at work is a good example of fake empowerment. It is hung somewhere on the wall for employees to drop their comments written on slips of paper. If any HR manager reads those comments, do they actually act upon them? And who takes the credit anyway?

In this technological age, agencies need to realize that ordinary feedback tools are no longer effective. There’s a need for cloud-based programs that allow stakeholders to give ideas and remain anonymous. Every workplace that wants to give workers a voice should install anonymous feedback software.

Why is an Online Application the Best Option?

1. Anonymity Guaranteed

The internet helps to keep processes anonymous and professional. For a suggestion program to work, the credentials of a user should remain 100% anonymous. This includes the name, email address, and even handwriting.

Because handwriting can be identifiable, it is best for users to type their comments. Even if a senior supervisor figures out who came up with a particular viewpoint, the online application cannot reveal the person.

The best thing about cloud-based apps is that they use strong encryption systems to keep personal data undisclosed. However, staff members should be informed in advance that the program is not meant for negative criticism.

2. Smooth Process

Automated software like VoiceSifter can sift through numerous comments and cut out trivial information. This saves time for business owners and managers. Then a committee should be selected to review the positive feedback.

Management can initiate brainstorming sessions with the staff to improve the analysis. This will allow the subordinates to see the openness of those in the managerial positions. It should be an ongoing process rather than a one-time thing. For great outcomes, leadership can execute constructive concepts from team members. Any viable option should be implemented immediately. This is the best way to show employees that their efforts are truly valued.

Who said that business owners cannot take advice from workers? Of course, not every proposition is feasible, but it pays off to be open-minded. In case the leadership group turns down a tip, they should explain why. They cannot just say no without a valid reason.

As opposed to a manual anonymous suggestion box at work, an app

  • Is well-designed and presentable

  • Is fast and smooth

  • Keeps memory by storing data in the cloud

  • Enhances transparency

Your Company Needs a High-Tech Suggestion Program

A vague and thoughtlessly-launched suggestion program can be a hotspot for misunderstandings. Before launching any employee engagement program, the corporate culture must be duly considered. The ultimate goal of the program is to bring fresh and meaningful insights. Do the opinions of your team members receive a cold shoulder during staff meetings? Maybe what your company needs is a formal method for cultivating ideas.

An internet-based suggestion program empowers employees in a real way. This is contrary to the fake empowerment of an anonymous suggestion box at work which breeds cynicism and frustrations.

Incorporate the most effective suggestion tool with VoiceSifter today. This tool will gather the most relevant information to help your management grow.


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