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Should You Conduct an Anonymous Employee Pulse Survey?

Employee surveys can be an invaluable tool for measuring employee satisfaction and engagement. They can also be a great way to get feedback on everything from company culture to leadership. Click here to learn more about using VoiceSifter to gather employee feedback in combination with regular pulse surveys.

What are Anonymous Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee pulse surveys are short surveys that you send to all employees on a regular basis. This type of survey allows you to gain regular feedback on all things related to your employees happiness and workplace satisfaction.

The Pros of Anonymous Employee Pulse Surveys

Anonymous employee pulse surveys have a few key benefits. First, managers can choose whether or not they are anonymous. This is beneficial when they are paired with an always-on, always anonymous feedback tool like VoiceSifter, because it allows everyone to share their feedback in the ways they feel most comfortable. Secondly, anonymous pulse surveys can help to foster a culture of open communication by normalizing the act of giving feedback. When employees are used to completing surveys regularly they are able to remember and share more specific information, allowing you to quickly solve workplace problems. If your only attempt at gathering feedback is a comments box in the break room, your employees will likely forget that they have the opportunity to give feedback in the first place. Pulse surveys act as a regular reminder that their voices are heard.

If you’re trying to decide how to gather employee feedback, anonymous pulse surveys are a great place to start. Pairing them with an always-on feedback platform like VoiceSifter can help you get even more out of your employee feedback process.


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