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  • Samantha Moore

How a Text-Line is Changing the Feedback Culture

A man wearing a bag over his head with a sad face surrounded by negative words.

The statics of how feedback influences workplace culture are endless and all point to the need as well as the ROI of implementing a feedback system. Forbes even notes that the employee manager relationship is a top driver of employee satisfaction.

Yet time and resources remains an obstacle for management wanting to add this to their culture. Not to mention the frustration that comes when employee engagement in these surveys can be strikingly low.

So where does text message fit in this picture? No HR manager wants to give out their personal number to have employees text them at all hours. But we also know that text is the most trafficked communication channel and not just among millennials but across the board. A helpful study by Gallup notes the new era of communication.

VoiceSifter wanted to make a feedback solution that would be accessible for all employees to engage and leave feedback while also providing a platform that would streamline feedback and make it easy for HR to capture experience and respond to feedback as it came through. Text was the obvious choice for this.

Companies who chose VoiceSifter work with a specialist to get clear on the feedback they are interested in receiving. We then design collateral and marketing materials designed for you and your feedback desires. After that it is a simple process of educating employees about this new resources and then feedback comes through as needed. No sending out of surveys - instead simply responding whenever an employee submits feedback. Making sure you capture employee experience at all times.

With our system all feedback goes to a designated line and populates an online dashboard. HR can categorize feedback into categories / sub categories, write additional notes to provide helpful analytics for brands.

Phone screen showcasing the VoiceSifter text line at work.


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