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  • Samantha Moore

Communication Tools Boost Employee Performance

Open, honest communication is the key to healthy relationships both in and out of the office. The employee-manager relationship benefits from this type of communication in many ways and results in a more engaged, productive employee.

For employees, communication with supervisors and relationships with management are a must. For employers, communication with their employees can shed light as to what is actually happening on the "front lines" of their operation and can spell either success or failure.

By aiding communication with software or other tools, any company can help bring their employee engagement and performance to new heights. Here are some ways they can help.

1. Stay in Touch with the Mobile Workforce

The mobile workforce is a group of employees that don't find themselves sitting at a desk all day. These are typically people on your front lines and can be: waiters and waitresses, massage therapists, service technicians, line cooks, etc.

It's important to stay in touch with this group as they are typically the ones you get the least face time but need that face time in order to build meaningful relationships with the managerial team and the company. Building meaningful relationships with your mobile workforce makes them feel like their managers are always a text message away, and can help improve their performance and ownership of their duties. Software tools like VoiceSifter can make this really easy by allowing managers to text their mobile workforce directly, start conversations, and more.

2. Boost Employee Morale

A happy employee is one that knows they are doing well. Managerial teams can capitalize on this by using communication tools to applaud triumphs and boost productivity.

Getting and responding to feedback is also a key part of boosting employee morale. Employees like to be heard and responded to, so conducting regular surveys via phone is a great way to engage a mobile workforce and get their answers. Keep the questions fresh and new if there is intent of sending surveys often.

3. Make Feedback Easy and Constant

The annual performance review is swiftly becoming outdated. Companies are leaning towards platforms that enable the feedback process between employees and their managers easy and constant. How is that possible? By regularly asking for feedback, a company builds a culture that depends on this feedback and employees feel comfortable regularly voicing their opinions for the greater good. This leads to issues surfacing quickly and being solved quickly, it leads to satisfied employees who feel they are part of the bigger picture.

Communication tools, like VoiceSifter and others, can help improve a company's employee experience while simultaneously engaging their workers and boosting productivity. For the increasing mobile workforce and the prevalence of remote teams, engagement tools like these are becoming more and more necessary to retain and engage employees all over the world. Want to learn more about VoiceSifter? Request a demo today!


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