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Can Anonymous Employee Feedback Help Build Morale & Connection?

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As we move into the next "normal" of this pandemic era, many of you have likely transitioned to a hybrid work model. Your staff and team members will have a range of reactions no matter how thoughtfully you execute this move. Seeking out staff communication tools that ensure they all have the ability to speak up is a worthwhile investment.

But is anonymous feedback really a productive option for your office?

What Do We Know About Employee Feedback?

When you show employees that you are listening, they will feel heard and are more likely to be motivated. We also know that companies who collect employee feedback but do not respond to or share that feedback can actually face a negative impact on employee morale.

Even if you don't act on each piece of feedback, acknowledging and responding to feedback demonstrates that you are listening and encourages employees to share their experience.

2020 was a great example of how quickly things can change, from global pandemics to new hires, change is inevitable. As humans, and especially as employees, reactions are guaranteed, and creating a culture of learning can help organizations utilize these experiences in order to grow. To support the importance of employee feedback, research states

Anonymous employee feedback can feel intimidating to owners and higher-ups. It might seem to go against the ethos of having hard conversations and working through issues face to face. While that aspiration has merit and value, every organization will experience changes. This can change the dynamic quickly. Anonymous feedback (depending on the service) can be an effective solution to this obstacle. Making sure your anonymous feedback tool allows you to respond to staff individually enables you to resolve issues faster and communicate with concerned staff.

How Can Companies Promote Psychological Safety?

Research states that organizations with high psychological safety foster growth environments because employees are comfortable recognizing and admitting errors that translate to improvement.

“Psychological safety is not a matter of relaxing’s fostering a climate of respect, trust, and’s the foundation of a learning culture.”  --Adam Grant

Anonymous feedback is a tool you can use within your organization that demonstrates, "Yes, we want to hear your thoughts even if you are uncomfortable having a conversation face to face." It enables you, as an organization, to promote a learning culture and continue to evolve.

How Often Should You Be Communicating?

When changes are happening within a company, communication is key. And even if there is uncertainty around a topic, acknowledging the roadblocks can help establish trust with employees. Share positive announcements like a new product or positive customer reviews. It is also important to account for different types of employees: some will be more vocal, and others will be more hesitant to speak up. Providing different channels of communication -- such as an anonymous feedback system -- can prove beneficial for employees who are less likely to raise their hand.

Frequent Check-ins Include

  • How are you feeling about our job/manager/co-workers?

  • Are you facing any challenges? How can I help?

  • Are you happy at work? How can I help?

What Feedback Tools are Available?

You might be reading the above and feel a sense of panic on how to equip your employees and make room on your daily calendar for employee morale as a priority within your organization. There are several feedback tools available to help you manage this task. Consider what platform would work best for your workforce. How easy is it for them to share feedback? What is the cost? How easy is it for you to manage and respond to feedback?

  • Email Surveys

  • Real-time Feedback tools

  • Anonymous Call Lines

  • O.G Anonymous Feedback box

People Also Ask:

How to collect anonymous employee feedback?

There are many ways to collect anonymous feedback. Using tools like VoiceSifter which is a real-time feedback system. There are free options like survey monkey and other email platforms, however, consider how you will be able to respond to feedback coming through and if your employees will understand how their feedback will remain anonymous.

How to increase employee morale?

Be transparent with employees on things happening with the organization, communicate often around updates and frequent check-ins. Recognize employees who are doing outstanding work. Offer ways that employees can grow within the organization and learn new skills.

What is a "feedback loop"?

A feedback loop indicates that whatever feedback service you are using allows for conversation and response. Although some free feedback tools like survey monkey can be easily sent out, they lack the ability to respond to feedback that comes through.

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Feb 24, 2023

Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving the software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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