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  • Samantha Moore

Benefits of an Anonymous Suggestion Box

A blue suggestion box.

No organization wants its employees saying negative things about where they work. To improve employee engagement and retention it is important to adapt your organization to the needs of the employees. Discovering what those needs are starts with obtaining employee feedback.

Do you think employees are being honest about their feelings in the workplace? If you want more feedback from employees, consider using an anonymous suggestion box. While a physical box may not sound appealing, it can create opportunities for employees to share their true feelings. When you can create an anonymous environment for employees to talk about what is bothering them, you craft opportunities for real improvement.

Benefits of an Anonymous Suggestion Box

Employees need to have a voice. An anonymous suggestion box can give them that voice while still protecting their identity. Employees will not usually feel comfortable speaking their mind when providing controversial or potentially negative feedback to the company. The anonymous suggestion box acts as a safer way to push for new ideas, suggest changes, and make a difference at work.

By giving employees this power you are going to let them know they matter. You will allow them to submit anything and everything, with the hope of increasing their engagement, morale, and also discovering areas where the company can improve.

The one downside to a physical and anonymous suggestion box is the lack of ability to respond to the individual. If you do respond, then the anonymity is broken in order to make contact. However, there are alternatives to the physical, anonymous suggestion box that can change that.

Alternatives to the Physical Box

One alternative to the physical suggestion box is an online suggestion box. An individual can submit an anonymous suggestion, much in the same way they do with a physical box. This is especially useful for larger organizations with multiple office locations or companies with employees who work from home. It makes it easy for everyone to participate in providing feedback.

A software solution makes it even easier to get feedback and respond. Applications such as VoiceSifter also send anonymous feedback to management. Management then has the ability to review all the information being received and then respond anonymously as well.

An anonymous suggestion box is a great, underrated tool that can help your company start collecting valuable employee feedback. Whether you decide to use a physical box, an online version, or a great software tool such as VoiceSifter, make receiving employee feedback a priority.


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