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  • Samantha Moore

6 Ways VoiceSifter Helps You Communicate With a Distributed Workforce

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When we talk with HR about what the main challenges are in their role, we consistently hear that communicating with a distributed workforce is a substantial obstacle. Whether your employees are remote or non-desktop based, it’s easy for upper management and ground-level employees to get disconnected. Poor communication breeds passive, frustrated employees that lack direction.

Here are 6 Ways VoiceSifter Helps You Communicate with a Distributed Workforce:

  1. Given that text is currently the most utilized data service worldwide, with approximately 23 billion texts sent every day, it seems readily apparent that you should have a text-line that employees can ask questions or submit feedback to. How long did it take to persuade people to move from mail to email? Ninety percent of text messages are opened by the recipient, so with VoiceSifter, you’re more likely to get your message read.

  2. What if your staff is largely in the field? Or works remotely? By using text, you do not exclude any type of employee from participation. Text works for all employees.

  3. It’s a win-win for both parties. Both management and employees save time when they communicate via text. SHRM writes, “employers can cut approximately half of that time spent by communicating through text message.” You can say adios to phone tag and voicemails and save time with VoiceSifter.

  4. VoiceSifter stores all interactions and engagements in one place. Conversations can get diluted and turn into a game of telephone. No more confusion around what was said, as all conversations are transcribed and stored online.

  5. Roles and permissions are designed to give the option of privacy, but also allow for full transparency when necessary. For example: Susan, the HR manager in Florida, cannot view Nancy’s dashboard in Georgia, but Bob, the owner, can always see all interactions when needed.

  6. Ideas, innovations, general questions—we help you capture it all through text. "Ideas need to come from the front line and [businesses] need a tool that helps gather these” Adam Gardner- Google Enough said.

Do you want to learn more about how VoiceSifter can help you communicate with your distributed workforce? Request a demo today.


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