Text Messaging

Text messaging is the most approachable form of anonymous communication. It is fast. It is easy. And, it is always accessible. Employees are likely to feel intimidated to participate while at work and by giving them a method of communication that allows them to submit comments when they are at work or at home, you help employees feel safer and increase their likelihood of participating. Picking up the phone and calling someone is scary and creates another barrier to speaking up.


Virtues Of Text Messaging


From Boomers to Generation Now, text messaging is the most universally accepted form of communication with the fastest response rate.


Mobile phones dominate the communication landscape. Almost everyone has one and keeps it on them. It is the last thing to be viewed before going to bed and the first when people wake up.


The desire to not have to speak with another person, especially when surfacing a significant issue, already represents the perspective of the majority and this group is only getting bigger.

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