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Three Ways VoiceSifter Helps HR Make Employment More Profitable

The mission behind HR is to make employment more profitable. This is accomplished in many ways, but here are three fundamental ways that VoiceSifter helps HR succeed at their mission. First, HR is in charge of protecting the brand against employment-related lawsuits and fines; they also work to reduce the cost of employment. Finally, HR is tasked with finding out how to boost employee productivity. Listed below are ways VoiceSifter helps with all three of these foundations. 


Protection from lawsuits and fines

Nothing can entirely prevent an employer from being sued, but good HR can implement resources for employees to prevent a situation from escalating to the point of a lawsuit. With VoiceSifters feedback channel, you provide employees with an accessible tool to report, ask questions, and communicate with HR. You reduce the barrier for employees who have questions or concerns by allowing them to anonymously text in. Our system allows for HR to respond and follow up, while still keeping interactions anonymous. It works for all employees regardless if they are desktop stationed or out on the field. Communications are sped up due to the nature of text and conflicts are then resolved quickly. 

Employing people comes with risk and it’s an HR job to manage and reduce that risk. 

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Reduction of Employment Costs 

There are a lot of companies being recognized for their flexible hours, competitive wages and amazing office perks. But there are also employment costs that HR can help cut. Hiring and recruiting can be fine tuned and assessed for inefficiencies. VoiceSifter helps companies recruit through text. SHRM writes, “Rather than pursuing a candidate through laborious e-mail and telephone correspondence, employers can cut approximately half of that time spent by communicating through text message”

Companies can use VoiceSifter to help recruit interested potentials, asking questions and nurturing along the way. 


Good for Business 

Ignoring HR, or neglecting it's responsibilities, puts the organization at greater risk, wastes money on inefficient operations and hinders employees from reaching their full potential. Investing in smart HR reduces risk, eliminates inefficiencies and improves productivity. No matter your role, spending time on HR bolsters everyone’s success.

Ready to learn how VoiceSifter can help your HR department? 


Posted by Samantha Moore on Sep 24, 2019 2:59:19 PM

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