Alternative Uses

VoiceSifter can help in so many ways....

For our existing customers that would like to leverage the VoiceSifter
platform for other creative endeavors, we suggest the following ideas.
Each additional line will only cost $100 per month.

Capturing new ideas is the lifeblood of innovation. Make it easy for those ideas to go from employees to leadership.

Cost Control

Keeping costs under control is always important and most employees will have ideas on how to do it. Always-on text messaging makes it easy to share.

Employee Recognition

Create a way for employees to be able to recognize other employees. Print out the comments and post it for all to see.

Employee Research

Ever wanted to conduct anonymous research with your employees? Our text messaging system is an easy way to capture anonymous feedback.

Customer Facing Innovation

Some times the best ideas come from our customers. Provide them with a way to share them with you.

Customer Facing Feedback

Not interested in a robust customer feedback system. Use text messaging to hear their comments and respond directly to them.

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