The Anonymous Feedback Text-line.

What is the hidden cost of not hearing:

The next BIG idea

A "dumb" question

Serious concern

Through anonymous text messaging, leadership can stay connected to the frontline. The easiest real-time feedback solution. 

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"Ideas need to come from the front line and (businesses) need a tool that helps gather these” 

Adam Gardner - Google

"Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time to manage unproductive behavior"

Brene Brown

Our Platform Is


There is a reason that management is the last to know. Today’s workforce doesn’t want to make a phone call nor walk down the hall to speak with someone from HR – It’s Scary. Anonymity is critical and management needs a system that can respond.

Response  Capable


Can be Anonymous 


Easy to Use


Saves Time and Money


Case Studies

Bobwards Casestudy
Tacobell CS

Our Product Includes


Showcase approachability through a virtual “open door”. Capture feedback beyond a quarterly survey with an always accessible solution. 

Conversation Tracking

Communicate via Text-Message and track the entire conversation on our cloud-based dashboard.

HR Case Organization 

Closed HR cases can be categorized by the nature of the issue, work location and any include other relevant notes. 

Text Message Communication  

VoiceSifter leverages the easiest, least scary, and most universal communication method – Text Messaging.


Quick Share Capabilities

From your dashboard, you can print the entire conversation for review and sharing.

World-Class Customer Support

Our system is incredibly easy to set up and use, but if you need us for anything, we’ll be here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does An Employee Know Where to Text?

Companies advertise the number to text in numerous ways. Some hand out business cards during orientation, include it in the handbook, or create posters for common areas.

Does the chosen HR person have to respond from a cell phone?

Nope – HR has the ability to respond from a dashboard designed for clients that receive more volume or from their cell phone if call volume is low.

Is it really an anonymous system?

Yes! We use the same technology as AirBNB, Lyft, UBER, to make sure that the conversations remain anonymous.

Does the system meet the Sarbanes Oxly requirements for Whistleblower?

YES! Sarbanes Oxly requires public companies to have a whitstleblower line, but they don’t specify any additional requirements as to the type of line it needs to be.

How long does it take to get setup?

One Week – It could go faster or slower depending on the preparedness of our new client and the complexity of their needs.

What does it cost?

The number of employees at an organization is how we determine the annual cost of our service. The minimum cost for a client is $1,000 per year. Request a demo today to see if our service will help you achieve your goals.

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