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VoiceSifter provides employees with an anonymous way to raise feedback and capture valuable insights in real-time.

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Establish a fair feedback system

We made it our mission to help businesses encourage a culture of diversity. When you provide employees an anonymous feedback tool you ensure that all voices are captured - no matter the situation.

How VoiceSifter Provides You Value

Real-time Response

The inability to respond to anonymous feedback has been a common obstacle. However, VoiceSifter allows you to respond in real-time while keeping employees anonymous.


Remove the fear of retaliation and ensure employees have a way to report whenever they need to.

Easy & Affordable

Learn how to use VoiceSifter in less than 15 minutes.

Your Anonymous Employee Feedback Line

Your employees deserve to be heard. VoiceSifter gives them a direct line with our anonymous employee feedback tool.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

VoiceSifter's feedback tool works alongside all DEI initiatives and supports employees when they want to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is VoiceSifter Anonymous?
VoiceSifter uses Twilio to power the SMS functionality (we use this at DL) - they actually intercept your text messages, not VoiceSifter. Twilio then keeps your number and “profile” highly encrypted with industry-standard protocols and VoiceSifter and thus Deeplocal is never able to see your phone number. Your conversation rather appears as a “case id”, you get a new id each time your reach out to the service as long as the previous issue has been “closed”.
How can an employer properly investigate a report if it is anonymous?
Our anonymous two-way messaging platform allows employers to follow up with employees. Through this feature, employers can ask for additional information and provide insight into the next steps of an investigation.
Do employees have to remain anonymous?
No, employees can and do come forward in the reporting process through the de-anonymize feature, or in the messaging feature, after the report has been submitted.
What types of issues can employees report through VoiceSifter?
Companies can choose to customize questions prompted to capture relevant and specific information for their organization. Encouraged categories: DE&I, Culture, Harassment/Bullying, Ethics & Compliance, COVID-19 Issues, and General Feedback and Questions.

"VoiceSifter's tool is easy to use.The ability to respond in real-time and have a dialogue for problem-solving is what we love." 


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Girl Scouts of Washington
Chief People and Culture Officer

“VoiceSifter's employee communication portal has opened the door to anonymous and confidential feedback that normally may not make it to my desk. Having that option has been well received as a whole."

BobWard's Sporting Company
Operations Manager Mark Anderson

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